Pricing and Payment Options

Transparency in pricing and payment options is unique selling point. We value our client’s hard earned spend on us. We focus on providing value for each penny spent on our courses by making courses more interactive and detailed. Yes! Employers kindly make a note of this. Our pricing structure is both flexible, a worth and easy to understand, offering significant savings to employers.

Here’s a detailed information about the same:

>> At SkillsCourse, employers are introduced with the system of credits. These credits are essential for booking up a Courses. These credits are reflected in the individual's Cart account the moment payment is made.

>> You require a sum of $25 from your pockets for perking up your skills and knowledge.

>> Easily pay for Courses with the credits available in your account.


>> Another simple rule, the moment you book yourself a Course respective number of credits are vanished from your account. Playing Fair!

>> You can choose from two modes of payment: Credit Card, PayPal. You can start your employee skill enhancement process immediately .