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Course : Windows Server 2016

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Windows Server 2016 is a server operating system that is developed by the Microsoft Corporation. It was first released on 26th September, 2016. It was loaded with a number of new features as compared to the earlier versions. Bugs and errors in windows working has also decreased.

The course focuses on the following:
• Features of Windows Server 2016.
• How to update the server?
• Compatibility requirements and software.

Windows Server 2016 course features about the operating system develop by Microsoft. It also talks about the distinctive results that came up in this version of windows. Windows management tools and other operations are discussed elaborately in this course.

  • Introduction to Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  • Software-defined datacenter
  • Application platform
  • Modernizing traditional apps
  • Azure Hybrid Use Benefit
  • Security and identity
  • Threat-resistant technologies
  • Threat detection technologies
  • Systems management
  • Windows PowerShell improvements.
  • Package management
  • Windows PowerShell Classes
  • Windows PowerShell script debugging

Microsoft’s software and severs are regularly updated in order to provide the best results to its users. Every time, something new and fresh features are being launched. Talking about this course, the learning outcomes are:

• Feature of Windows Server 2016, such as:
- Active Directory Federation Services
- Remote Desktop and Storage services
- Web Application Proxy
• Networking features:
- DNS Server
- IP Address Management
- Generic Routing Encapsulation
- Network Controller
• Versions of Windows Server- Prior to 2016.
• Remote Server Management Tools
• Hyper V-Management
• Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10.

By Meghan James ( October 25, 2018 )

The features of Server 2016 are explained in a thoughtful manner. The coding examples are fitting to the topics. I find this course very helpful in learning about MS Server 2016.

By Ivara Nui ( March 1, 2018 )

This course has served well in explanation of all the relevant features for programmer to know about 2016 server. This course is a worth for money as well as time.

By Donna Green( November 19, 2013 )

This course is time saving because no irrelevant information is provided. It is created in a systematic manner to get the knowledge the right way. I am highly satisfied with the results this course has provided me.

By Dolce Friend ( November 8, 2013 )

The most I like about this course is its language simplicity which is clear, precise and crisp. This is an excellent course for the beginners to clear out their basics. It’s a great handbook to learn from.

By Ken Thompson ( November 8, 2013 )

Being a computer science student, I found this course very helpful. It talks about all the phenomenon of Windows Server 2016. Thank you my dear friend for recommending this course.

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