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Course : Sybase 12.5

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Sybase 12.5 is a relational model database server product that was developed by Sybase. It was initially released in 1986 and was designed for UNIX platforms. The features of this course are:

> History, development and versions of Sybase 12.5.
> Learning about the uses and architecture of Sybase 12.5.
> Terminology used in Sybase 12.5.

  • SQL Building Blocks
  • Queries: Selecting Data from a Table
  • Using Aggregates, Grouping, and Sorting
  • Subqueries: Using Queries Within Other Queries
  • SQL Derived Tables
  • Joins: Retrieving Data from Several Tables
  • Using and Creating Datatypes
  • Creating Databases and Tables
  • Adding, Changing, and Deleting Data
  • Views: Limiting Access to Data
  • Using the Built-In Functions in Queries
  • Creating Indexes on Tables
  • Defining Defaults and Rules for Data
  • Using Batches and Control-of-Flow Language
  • Using Stored Procedures
  • Using Extended Stored Procedures
  • Triggers: Enforcing Referential Integrity
  • Cursors: Accessing Data Row by Row
  • Transactions: Maintaining Data Consistency and Recovery
  • Locking Commands and Options

By Grace Williams

This Sybase 12.5 course explains well about a beginner wants to know about Sybase 12.5. The examples are well illustrated as well as practical to apply. Learning has got easier with this Sybase 12.5 course.

By Hansel

The language of this Sybase 12.5 course is perfect. The concepts are well in sync with the topic. No irrelevant information is provided. Sybase 12.5 working and architecture model is explained in a precise manner.

By Annie May

The unique selling point of this Sybase 12.5 course is its simplicity to understand the topics. The basics are well explained. I highly recommend this Sybase 12.5 course to beginners who want to excel in Sybase 12.5..

By George Wine

Working with Sybase 12.5 has always been a challenge for me because of the errors I made while programming. Enrolling in this course has helped me clear my concepts and reduce the errors to a great extent.

By Jay Land

I am learning a lot from this Sybase 12.5 course. It has helped me in reefing my knowledge and skills in the Sybase 12.5. The handling of issues has become a lot easier with the relevant information provided.