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Course : Shell Programming

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A shell is a script designed to run by UNIX shell, an interpreter. The functions performed by Shell Scripts are:

> File Manipulation
> Program execution and printing text

The knowledge of Shell is important for the programmers. The course features the following about the shell Programming:
> Understanding the Shell phenomenon through relevant examples.
> Working and architecture of Shell
> Capabilities of Shell
> Introduction and development of Shell till now.

  • About cygwin
  • Review of basic UNIXTM
  • Pipelines of commands
  • About shell scripts
  • Some new commands
  • Variables
  • Parameters and shift
  • Command substitution
  • Cut
  • if-then-else-fi
  • for-in-do-done
  • sed
  • a final example
  • gotchas
  • exercises
  • references

Shell is an old programming language. Shell has numerous capabilities. It has got an important place in all the important parts of a program from its inception to execution and output. This course helps you to know about:

> Functions of a script.
> Different kinds of Shell- Bourne Shell, Korn Shell and C Shell.
> Capabilities of Shell- Shortcuts, batch jobs, generalization and programming.
> Advantages of Shell
> Disadvantages of Shell
> Shell scripting on other programming system
> Lifecycle and development of Shell
> The foundation pillars of Shell

By Matthew Clawer

I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to lean Shell. It is not too long and is very readable. This course is a comprehensive and modern approach to the language.

By Jordan Barnes

Being a computer science student, I found this course very helpful. It talks about all the phenomenon of Shell Programming. Thank you my dear friend for recommending this course.

By Daniel Owens

This course has got a strong information base that fails down all other tutorials and guide available over different platforms. This course in worth and I highly recommend this course to everyone who want to be a pioneer in this language.

By Mike Peterson

It is an excellent course for every professional programmer. Nicely covers all topics relating to Shell. It is a dense course with heaps of detailed information. Working with Shell never seemed this easy before this course.

By Marcelo

This course on Shell is well written, well organized and covers the whole core language. It has explained well about the introduction and concepts of Ruby that are necessary for a programmer to know.

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