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Course : Search Engines

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Search engines are basically referred to as the software that enables to retrieve and search information over the World Wide Web. There are various search engines such as: Google, Yahoo, ask.fm, Search.com and so on which caters to the needs of its users. This course talks about the various search engines and their working such as:

> The downloading mechanism of search engines.
> Architecture of a search engine.
> How search engines retrieve information from different sources.
> What is called a social search?
> Classification of information in search engines.

  • Search Engines and Information Retrieval
  • Architecture of a Search Engine
  • Crawls and Feeds
  • Processing Text
  • Ranking with Indexes
  • Queries and Interfaces
  • Retrieval Models
  • Evaluating Search Engines
  • Classification and Clustering
  • Social Search
  • Feature-Based Retrieval Models
  • Beyond Bag of Words

One needs to gain information every now and then. Information and data is required in every walk of life to support communication. Before, textbooks were used to get information. Now, search engines have replaced because of its easy access. Through this course one will learn about

> The working mechanism and application of search engine
> Different types of search engines.
> How data and information is stored and retrieved in search engine?
> Evolution stages of search engines
> Queries and interfaces used in search engines.

> Process of search engines:
- Web Crawling
- Indexing
- Searching

By Elliot Cox

This is a good course for learning about Search Engines. All the topics are well explained and easy to understand. The basics of this course are on point and can be implemented practically. I highly recommend this course.

By George Russell

It is very difficult to find something that can give you everything you want. All my questions and queries about search engines are nicely handled by this course. A well- executed pattern of learning.

By Sandra Hayes

Enrolling in this course was definitely a good decision. It has been precisely crafted for those who want to pioneer in this field. I am so happy to invest my time and money in such a good course.

By Smith Lee

I tried this course on Search engines with a very doubtful mind. But this course has considerately catered to all of my needs and learning areas. The information can be implemented practically without any hassle.

By Kelly

From the basics to the higher level, this course satisfactorily covers all the topics. The best thing about this course is its examples that make you understand the topic easily.

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