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Course : SQL (ANSI) 2011

Price : 8.00 USD

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SQL stands for Structured Query Language which is standard language for database administrators for accessing and managing databases. To give and equal level to the practices of SQL- American National Standard Institute came up with the standards for database query language. The first set of standards was formalized in 1989.
The course features about:

> SQL and ANSI
> Standards of ANSI
> Development of ANSI
> DBAs, ANSI and SQL 2011.

  • Objects
  • Basic SQL Syntax and Lexicon
  • SQL Data Definition, Control, and Manipulation
  • Embedded SQL
  • Data Definition Language
  • Altering Table Structure and Definition
  • Data Control Language
  • SQL Data Handling
  • Query Processing

By Jessica Grace

Learning about the nine parts of SQL 2011 Standards was quite difficult and confusing. This course has all the relevant information on the standards. The concepts are easy to clear and less time consuming.

By Mia Chore

I am a long time professional with SQL; the standards are a must for me to know. This course is a perfect platform to all about the standards. Plus, it is also a value for money.

By Haley Bard

I was introduced to this by my friend. I am really thankful to him for giving me the best. I am so happy to invest my money and hard work into such an amazing course. Thumbs up!

By Chloe dink

It is so difficult to find so apt on SQL and ANSI Standards. This course is a hand on option fior everyone who want to learn in a very cost effective manner. Alo, the language is clear a nd crisp to read.

By Markel

I am completely satisfied with the improvements and knowledge that I gained through this course. It’s a value for money course. Beginner or an expert, this course helps the both.