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Pascal is another programming language that first showed up in the year 1969.it was primarily designed to promote a healthy programming environment and practices. It is named after the celebrated French mathematician, Blaise Pascal. This course talks about the following in Pascal language:

> Relationship of Pascal and ALGOL language.
> Pascal-P system of compiling a program.
> Various types of Pascal compilers that are used for programming and output.
> Understanding of the course detailed coding examples.

  • Language Basics
  • Structured Programming
  • The Graphical User Interface
  • Our First GUI application
  • ListBox application
  • Text Editor Application
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • First example: Date and Time
  • Queue Application
  • Copy files using TFileStream

Pascal is a reliable and safe programming language. It is regarded as the foremost choice of the programmers to work. The features of learning this course for a course taker are as follow:

> How ALGOL programming and Pascal programming are connected?
> How Pascal promotes good programming environment?
> What are the reserved and control statements used in Pascal?
> Journey of Pascal’s development
> The basic concept of Pascal i.e. Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs.
> Various kinds of compilers- P2, P4, P5.
> What is the difference between Object Pascal and Turbo Pascal
> Knowing about the various data types- integer, real, Boolean, string and set.

By Mary Jack

The most I like about this course is its simplicity. All the examples are well explained. The coding procedure is relevant and easy to understand for a beginner like me.

By Laith Williams

Learning practical things virtually are most of the times is very tedious. This course has made a good attempt to solve out this issue. All the concepts about Pascal are very justified.

By Anna Brown

I am about a month old with Pascal; I have put in my best efforts to learn about it from different sources, nothing helped. This course has finally catered to all my queries and clear out my basics in a very significant manner.

By Charlotte Steve

This course precisely talks about each and every aspect of Pascal in detail. From its traditional approaches to the modern ones, all are in sync. Good quality of information is being used.

By Steven Link

This Pascal course has satisfactorily covered all the significant areas which are necessary for a programmer to learn about. I rate this five on five. The major advantage of this course is that I can read through it anytime anywhere.

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