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Oracle database administrators (DBAs) play a active role in implementing Oracle 12c database technology. DBAs add value by ensuring that databases are created in an efficient manner and optimally maintained. DBAs are often queried for architectural advice on data migration, features, implementation, replication, SQL coding, tuning, and so on. DBAs fill the role of the go-to person for anything related to Oracle 12c The job of an Oracle 12c DBA is frequently complex and challenging. The objective is to provide you a professional level as a DBA.

  • Installing the Oracle Binaries
  • Implementing a Database
  • Confguring an Effcient Environment
  • Tablespaces and Data Files
  • Managing Control Files, Online Redo Logs, and Archiving
  • Users and Basic Security
  • Tables and Constraints
  • Indexes
  • Views, Synonyms, and Sequences
  • Data Dictionary Fundamentals
  • Large Objects
  • Partitioning: Divide and Conquer
  • Data Pump
  • External Tables
  • Materialized Views
  • User-Managed Backup and Recovery
  • Oracle Secure Backup
  • Database Troubleshooting

By Mittal ( December 25, 2018 )

The Oracle 12c course gives plenty of GOOD examples covering each function for just about every control. I started with the first few chapters, but find ourself in the meantime skipping ahead to get a quick overview on a new control that I need to use.

By Stephan ( November 25, 2018 )

Beginnings are very important. A bad start can interupt you in your tracks and divert your attention elsewhere, perhaps never to return. However, a good beginning catches your interest, and encourages you to go further and deeper.

By Albert ( November 28, 2013 )

Happy with Services rendered. Aamazing Oracle 12c Course

By Thomson ( November 18, 2013 )

If you are new to Oracle or want to learn more than the basics, this is the Oracle 12c Course.that is Highly recommended.