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Course : Oracle 11g

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This Oracle 11g Course aims to provide a deep grounding in the technologies and concepts that form the foundation of Oracle’s Database Server, currently known as Oracle Database 11g. The Oracle 11g Course is for a wide range of Oracle database administrators,users and developers, from the novice to the experi- enced.

It is our hope that once you will have this basic understanding of the product, you’ll be able to connect to data when using Oracle’s voluminous feature set, docu- mentation, and the many other data sources that describe the database.

  • Introducing Oracle
  • Distributed Database Features
  • Oracle Architecture
  • Installing and Running Oracle
  • Oracle Data Structures
  • Managing Oracle
  • Oracle Security,Auditing and Compliance
  • Oracle Performance
  • Oracle Multiiser Concurrency
  • Oracle and Transaction Processing
  • Oracle Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Oracle and High Availability
  • Oracle Distributed Databases and Distributed Data
  • Oracle Extended Datatypes
  • Beyond the Oracle Database

By Alex ( December 25, 2017 )

It is a great Oracle 11g course....I have read it and its very easy to understand.I don't understand why people have been so harsh in giving ratings

By Markel ( November 15, 2017 )

This Oracle 11g Course is dealing with basics concepts with lots of theroy ..good for beginers.in my opinion go for it

By Tracy ( November 8, 2013 )

Nice Oracle 11g Course must buy if you want to dive deep in understanding

By Albert ( November 8, 2013 )

Happy with Services rendered. Aamazing Oracle 11g Course

By David ( November 8, 2013 )

My performance started degrading in my office when I was not able to handle the queries and solve out issue. My colleague suggested me this Oracle 11g course and truly it has helped in a great manner.