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Oracle 10g is a significant upgrade from earlier releases of Oracle. New features give database administrators, developers and end users greater control over the processing , storage and retrieval of their data. In this chapter, you will learn and see highlights of the Oracle 10g architecture.

You will see detail discussions of new features such as flashback version queries, regular expression support,and Data Pump in later chapters. The goal of this chapter is to represent a high- level overview of the capabilities that can describe them in your Oracle 10g

  • Oracle Database
  • Installing Oracle Database
  • Upgrading to Oracle Database
  • Planning Oracle Applications—Approaches, Risks, and Standards
  • Creating the NEWSPAPER Table
  • Basic SQL*Plus Reports and Commands
  • Getting Text Information and Changing It
  • Searching for Regular Expressions
  • Playing the Numbers
  • Dates: Then, Now, and the Difference
  • Conversion and Transformation Functions
  • Grouping Things Together
  • Query Dependency
  • Changing Data : insert,update,merge and delete
  • Decode and case : if, then and else in SQL
  • Creating and Managing Tables,Views,Indexes
  • Basic Oracle Security
  • Advanced Security : Virtual Private Databases
  • Accessing Remote Data
  • Using Materialized views
  • Using External Tables
  • PL/SQL Concepts
  • Procedures and Functions

By Michael ( December 25, 2017 )

The new features were confusing and complex. I was searching for something that could give me maximum output in less time. This Oracle 10g course is one of them. Thank you!

By James (London) ( November 15, 2017 )

Never knew learning can be this fun. I was really not able to understand the components of the Oracle 10g. Taking up this Oracle 10g course helped me to go through each and every detail of the software.

By Tezasvi kiran ( November 8, 2013 )

This Oracle 10g course is a big yes for the people who want to pioneer in all aspects of Oracle Version. It is a very detailed and up to date Oracle 10g course.

By Josh ( November 8, 2013 )

One of the best aspects of the Oracle 10g course is its way of writing. Several other course tend to lack in this area for me. This Oracle 10g course gives you a very, very organized walkthrough , building up from the basic ones and Oracle to more complex controls (FormView, GridView, etc.).

At the same time, the Oracle 10g course doesn't go over basic OOP concepts like other Courses do. Great reference Oracle 10g course, and also greatcourse for ASP.NET beginners.

By Samuel ( November 8, 2013 )

My performance started degrading in my office when I was not able to handle the queries and solve out issue. My colleague suggested me this Oracle 10g course and truly it has helped in a great manner.