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Course : Object Oriented Programming with CSharp

    Course Elements

Object oriented programming is the core for C# framework. Mixing of C# with OOPs has led to new phenomenon and concepts. This course talks about the basic terminologies of OOPs that are used in order to work with CSharp. This course is about:
> C# language and its systems
> Organization of C# programs
> Basic pillars of OOPs
> Patterns and Techniques of various classes using CSharp

  • From structured programming to object-oriented programming
  • Towards Object-oriented Programming
  • Phenomena and Concepts
  • Towards Object-oriented Programs
  • The C# Language and System
  • C# in relation to C
  • C# in relation to Java
  • C# in relation to Visual Basic
  • C# Tools and IDEs
  • Classes: An Initial Example
  • Classes
  • Creating and Deleting Objects
  • Reference Types
  • Value Types
  • Organization of C# Programs
  • Patterns and Techniques
  • Accessing Data in Objects
  • Properties
  • Indexers
  • Methods
  • Overloaded Operators
  • Delegates
  • Events
  • Patterns and Techniques
  • Specialization of Classes
  • Extension of Classes
  • Inheritance in General
  • Inheritance in C#
  • Motivation for Generic Types
  • Generic Types
  • Generic Methods
  • Collections - History and Overview
  • Generic Collections in C#
  • Generic Dictionaries in C#
  • Non-generic Collections in C#
  • Patterns and Techniques
  • Correctness
  • Specification with preconditions and postconditions
  • Responsibilities and Contracts
  • Class Invariants

By Emily Jones

This course has widened my knowledge about OOPs skills and its aspects. I am very satisfied with the information and examples this course has provided me on the topics.

By Anna Jack

I was really confused about the concepts of OOPs such as polymorphism and inheritance. This course has cleared all my doubts in no time. It is the base for working and developing of information and this course has expanded the area of my working.

By Hayes Card

I have enrolled in a number of courses of OOPs, but now I have got the right one. It touches all the concepts of OOPs using java in a well detailed manner. It has the best information on introduction of the topic.

By Hailey Manor

This course allows you to think and program differently with Object oriented programming. It is highly recommended to the beginners to clear out their issues very nicely. A well explained course. Thumbs up!

By Christian

It is so rare to find something that is so accurate and clear on OOPs. The examples listed in this course are well in detail. Instructions and explanation made here are sufficient to learn about OOPs.