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Course : Java Programming

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This course talks about the concepts of Java Programming. It is associated with concepts like Encapsulation, class, object, Abstraction ans so on. Popular languages like Java uses OOPs paradigm for working.

This Java Programming course will talk about the following: > Object oriented programming
> Inheritance: the properties of one class can be used by the other class.
> Encapsulation: where you can bind the data and code together in one single unit
> Abstraction: refers to showing up of relevant details about the program
> Polymorphism: poly means many, morphs means forms.

  • Introduction to Java Programming and Software Development
  • Classes and Objects
  • Messages and Methods
  • Class and Instance Data Values
  • Inheritance
  • Software Engineering and Software
  • Life Cycle
  • Getting Started with Java
  • The First Java Program
  • Program Components
  • Edit-Compile-Run Cycle
  • Sample Java Standard Classes
  • Sample Development
  • Numerical Data
  • Variables
  • Arithmetic Expressions
  • Constants
  • Displaying Numerical Values
  • Getting Numerical Input
  • The Math Class
  • Random Number Generation
  • The GregorianCalendar Class
  • Sample Development
  • Numerical Representation (Optional)
  • Defining Your Own Classes—Part 1
  • First Example: Defining and Using a Class
  • Second Example: Defining and Using Multiple Classes
  • Matching Arguments and Parameters
  • Passing Objects to a Method
  • Constructors
  • Information Hiding and Visibility Modifiers
  • Class Constants
  • Local Variables
  • Calling Methods of the Same Class
  • Changing Any Class to a Main Class
  • Sample Development
  • Repetition Statements
  • The while Statement
  • Pitfalls in Writing Repetition Statements
  • The do–while Statement
  • Loop-and-a-Half Repetition Control
  • The for Statement
  • Defining Your Own Classes—Part 2
  • Returning an Object from a Method
  • The Reserved Word this
  • Overloaded Methods and Constructors
  • Class Variables and Methods
  • Call-by-Value Parameter Passing
  • Exceptions and Assertions
  • Catching Exceptions
  • Throwing Exceptions and Multiple catch Blocks
  • Characters
  • Strings
  • Arrays and Collections
  • Array Basics
  • Arrays of Objects
  • The For-Each Loop
  • Sorting and Searching
  • Searching
  • Sorting
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • A Simple Example
  • Defining Classes with Inheritance
  • Using Classes Effectively with Polymorphism
  • Inheritance and Member Accessibility
  • Inheritance and Constructors
  • Abstract Superclasses and Abstract Methods
  • Inheritance versus Interface
  • Sample Development

By Issac Bay

This Java Programming course has widened my knowledge about OOPs skills and its aspects. It is the base for working and developing of information and this Java Programming course has expanded the area of my working.

By Marshall

I was really confused about the concepts of OOPs such as polymorphism and inheritance. I am very satisfied with the information and examples this Java Programming course has provided me on the topics.

By Erica Woods

I have enrolled in a number of courses of OOPs, but now I have got the right one. It touches all the concepts of OOPs using java in a well detailed manner. It has the best information on introduction of the topic.

By Emma Walker

I like the examples this Java Programming course has given me to understand the concept of OOPs. My know-how about OOPs has increased and now I am able to handle all the queries.

By Amelia

This Java Programming course allows you to think and program differently with Object oriented programming. It is highly recommended to the beginners to clear out their issues very nicely. A well explained Java Programming course. Thumbs up!