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Course : MySQL 5.6

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MySQL 5.6 is a database management system that uses structured query language for its working. MySQL is quick in processing, high on reliability and flexible to use. MySQL 5.6 is the new version of MySQL which is loaded with a number of new features. These include:
> It now supports stronger encryption for the confidential data
> Now Linux supports MySQL
> Retrieving information from tables is now easier.
> New methods of backup and recovery.

This MySQL 5.6 Course will overall help the course takers to learn about the new features of MySQL 5.6, high levels of security and reliability, MySQL Server Logs, and backup and recovery systems.

  • Overview of the MySQL Database Management System
  • The Main Features of MySQL
  • The Main Features of MySQL 5.6
  • What Is New in MySQL 5.6
  • MySQL Information Sources
  • MySQL Installation Layout on Microsoft Windows
  • Installing MySQL on Linux
  • Creating and Using a Database
  • Creating and Selecting a Database
  • Creating a Table
  • Loading Data into a Table
  • Retrieving Information from a Table
  • Getting Information About Databases and Tables
  • Using mysql in Batch Mode
  • Examples of Common Queries
  • MySQL Server Logs
  • Selecting General Query and Slow Query Log Output Destinations
  • The Error Log
  • The General Query Log .
  • The Binary Log .
  • The Slow Query Log .
  • The DDL Log .
  • Server Log Maintenance
  • Security
  • General Security Issues
  • Security Guidelines
  • Keeping Passwords Secure
  • Making MySQL Secure Against Attackers
  • Security-Related mysqld Options and Variables
  • How to Run MySQL as a Normal User
  • Security Issues with LOAD DATA LOCAL
  • Client Programming Security Guidelines
  • Backup and Recovery Types
  • Database Backup Methods
  • Example Backup and Recovery Strategy
  • Establishing a Backup Policy
  • Using Backups for Recovery
  • Backup Strategy Summary .

By Miller May

I was really confused about the concepts of MySQL 5.6 such as its working layout and syntaxes. I am very satisfied with the information and examples this MySQL 5.6 course has provided me on the topics.

By Fredrick

The most i like about this MySQL 5.6 course are the examples it has given me to understand the concept of MySQL 5.6. My know-how about MYSQL has improved and now I am able to handle all the queries.

By Davis Christ

I have enrolled in a number of courses related to MySQL 5.6, but now I have got the right one. This MySQL 5.6 course appropriately touches all the concepts of SQL 5.6 in a well detailed manner. It has the best information on introduction of the topic.

By Emma Walk

This MySQL 5.6 course allows you to think and program differently with MYSQL 5.6. It is highly recommended to the beginners to clear out their issues very adequately. A well explained MySQL 5.6 course. Thumbs up!

By Ava Day

I was introduced to this MySQL 5.6 course by my family member. The best of feature of this MySQL 5.6 course is that it completely sticks to the topic and is very professional. It is a value for your time and money.