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Course : Microsoft Azure Essentials Course

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Microsoft Azure essentials implies the fundamentals that one need to know to work with Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Platform, Azure. Getting started with Microsoft Azure, the programmer needs a base. This course features about the following parts of Microsoft Azure:

• Overview of Cloud Computing-Azure Services
• Fundamentals and principles of Azure
• Applications and implementations of Microsoft Azure

  • Getting started with Azure
  • Azure Websites and Azure Cloud Services
  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Management
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure virtual Networks
  • Databases
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Management Tools

Microsoft Azure is an essential phenomenon when working in the field of Cloud Computing. Conventions and features of Microsoft Azure are the basic foundation of Azure. This course comes with the following learning outcomes:

• Foundation Concepts of Microsoft Azure
• Azure Resource Manager- Overview, benefits and working.
• Azure App Services and Web Apps- Implementations and significance
• Components of Microsoft Azure
- Azure Virtual Machines
- Azure Storage
- Azure Virtual Networks
- Azure Active Directory
• Azure Management Tools and Services

By Diana Steve ( October 20, 2018 )

The foundation concepts of Microsoft Azure are on point with a detailed part of examples for implementations. I am happy to invest my time, money and hard work in such a great course.

By Martha Cox ( March 12, 2018 )

I am a professional with Microsoft Azure since quite a long now. The way of clarifying the concepts is excellent and this course also motivates you to think differently with Microsoft Azure.

By Annie Alex( November 15, 2013 )

When you invest yourself in learning over the web, you are not always satisfied. But, this course has undoubtedly changed my notion. Microsoft Azure is a great course on this concept with a practical approach.

By Andrew Smith ( November 18, 2013 )

This course is a full comprehensive guide to the Microsoft Azure including many advanced topics and is ideal for any programmer. The language is very clean, free of buzzwords and needless repetitions.

By Jonathon Blue ( November 28, 2013 )

Working with Microsoft Azure has always been a challenge for me because of the errors I made while working. Enrolling in this course has helped me clear my concepts and reduce the errors to a great extent.

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