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Course : Mastering Android Game Development

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Android Game Development is quite a complex concept to understand. Android Game Development talks about the fundamentals of Android Game Development, Mobile Game Industry, Development process, tools and methods for development and other know how required while developing Android games. The course features about the following:

• Getting to know Android Game Development
• Structure of Game Development
• Future Capabilities of Android Game Development

  • Setting Up the Project
  • The Project YASS
  • Game Architecture
  • Managing User Input
  • Into the Draw Thread
  • Collision Detection
  • Particle Systems
  • Sound FX and Music
  • Menus and Dialogs
  • The Animation Framework
  • Integrating Google Play Services

Android Game Development is an extensive concept to learn about. This course serves as a complete guide on Mastering Android Game Development with the following learning outcomes:

• Mobile Game Industry and Game Development- Fundamentals.
• Structure, development process and tools required for Android Game Development
• Designing and developing your game
• Setting up your Development environment
• Publishing and updating your games
• Android Game Development Terminology used

By Charles Brooks ( October 25, 2018 )

Android Game Development concepts are perfectly explained in this course in a well planned manner. There is no confusion in the information and is also very interesting to learn.

By George Foster ( March 1, 2018 )

Android Game Development fundamentals and functioning has been precisely explained with a practical approach in this course. The biggest advantage of this course is that I can read through this course anytime and anywhere.

By Neil Mitchell ( November 19, 2013 )

I am a fresher in Android Game Development field. All the foundation concepts are well explained and are easy to understand. My level of error in Android Game Development has reduced considerably because of this course.

By Bonita Stewart ( November 8, 2013 )

The process of designing and developing a game has been superiorly explained in this course with a practical approach which most of the courses lack. I am happy with the outcomes this course has provided me.

By Philip King ( November 8, 2013 )

Finding something this interesting on Android Game Development is a like a lottery. The examples given in this course are perfect to the concept. It is an on the course for a student like me.

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