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Course : SQL Server 2014

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Microsoft introduced some prominent enhancements in the SQL Server 2014 Version of MS SQL. SQL Server 2014 was launched with the features such as in-memory OLTP investments. Shaping and combining of data was made easier with this MS SQL. The older versions of MS SQL were having features for single dimension, but this version has multidimensional features.

This SQL Server 2014 course is focused on the following parameters:

> Learning about the SQL data tools for business Intelligence
> How to manage backup and data
> Exploring self-service BI in Microsoft Excel 2013
> Working with Hive and Analysis of data
> PolyBase and advantages of the same

  • SQL Server 2014 editions and engine enhancements
  • In-Memory OLTP investments
  • High-availability, hybrid-cloud, and backup enhancements
  • Exploring self-service BI in Microsoft Excel 2013
  • Power Query
  • Searching for data
  • Importing data
  • Loading the worksheet or Data Model
  • Shaping data
  • Combining data
  • Power View
  • Creating a Power View report
  • Working with visualizations
  • Sharing a Power View report
  • Introducing Power BI for Offce 365
  • Big data solutions
  • HDInsight
  • Creating a storage account for HDInsight
  • Provisioning an HDInsight cluster
  • Loading data into a storage account
  • Working with Hive
  • Analyzing data from Hive
  • PolyBase
  • Exploring the benefts of PolyBase
  • Accessing HDFS data from PDW

By Mark Russell

This course on SQL Server 2014 programming is clear, compact and condensed and caters to exactly one wants to learn. In the beginning the SQL Server 2014 Course talks explicitly about the basics and go on with explaining the complex parts of programming.

By Liza Mayor

This SQL Server 2014 Course is literally the holy grail of programming world. It never assumes to give you stupid answers. It manages to covey you the procedures very precisely.

By Rachel

I have been into programming since last 5 years, while that doesn’t make me an expert. Do not hesitate to enroll for this SQL Server 2014 course if you sincerely want to learn about SQL Server 2014. It is a basic yet an expertise course. This SQL Server 2014 course changed my outlook towards programming.

By Nita Cox

I am very satisfied with the results this SQL Server 2014 Course has provided me. Being a beginner with SQL, it has provided me all the relevant information and examples for better understanding.

By Elina

It is an amazing SQL Server 2014 course to learn about the features of MS SQL 2014. Its examples and questions are on point. This SQL Server 2014 course is a worth to invest your time and hard work and reap out the desired results.