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Course : SQL Server 2012

Price : 8.00 USD

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SQL Server 2012 was designed by Microsoft that lead to completion of projects in a short phase of time, faster performance and more reliability. Working with tables and data analysis is now much easy to do. It has changed the way data warehousing was done. As compared to other versions of SQL Server 2012 version came with a number of features such as:
• User defined server roles
• Business intelligence
• Error handling

Enrolling in this the SQL Server 2012 course taker will be able to improve his skills over this version and increase his productivity.

  • Overview of SQL Server 2012
  • Installing, configuring, and upgrading
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Using SQL Server 2012 administration and development tools
  • Designing databases
  • Designing SQL Server databases
  • Creating your first table
  • Building and maintaining indexes
  • Advanced database design topics
  • Table compression
  • Table partitioning
  • Database snapshots
  • The SELECT statement
  • Using Transact-SQL (TSQL)
  • Advanced data retrieval topics
  • Modifying data
  • Built-in scalar functions
  • Creating other database objects
  • Advanced TSQL topics
  • Views
  • User-defined functions
  • Stored procedures
  • Data manipulation triggers
  • Part VI SQL Server replication
  • Replication
  • Database maintenance
  • Backups
  • Managing and maintaining indexes and statistics
  • Maintenance plans
  • Database management
  • SQL Server Profiler
  • Extended events
  • SQL Server security
  • Resource Governor
  • SQL Server Agent
  • Database mail
  • Data definition triggers
  • Dynamic management objects

By Marie Collins ( December 15, 2017 )

I am highly satisfied with the information that is provided in this SQL Server 2012 Course. It is a value for money. I have corrected my basics and also read about handling the higher level programming.

By Joy Grey ( March 25, 2017 )

Being a beginner with the SQL Server 2012, I was really messed up with what to do and how to do. Thanks to this very course which have solved all my queries in no time.

By Maggie ( September 28, 2016 )

SQL Server 2012 version was a complex thing to understand. My friends recommend me to enroll in this SQL Server 2012 Course. Its information is clear and precise touching all the components of the software.

By Annie Lay( November 22, 2017 )

Being a professional in SQL Server 2012 world for quite a long, adapting to the new versions again and again is never easy. This SQL Server 2012 course has helped me adapt to the changes very easily.

By Samantha ( November 12, 2017 )

This SQL Server 2012 Course has helped me reduce my time in error handling in SQL 2012. All my basics are now crystal clear. Now I utilize my time and increase my productivity.