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MS SQL Server 2005 Administration Course has been developed in order to manage the data efficiently. The environment of working in the software world has gone highly professional.

The structured query language was used at a very basic level a few decades ago. But today, it has now integrated using servers with different level of working. Recent up gradations and editions of the SQL Server 2005 have made it a complex yet easy to understand phenomenon.

MS SQL Server 2005 Administration Course will help the course takers to understand the level of client and server interaction, create database objects, and simplify working and other varied criterions.

• Create Database Objects

• Manage the Data

• Client-Server Architecture

• Versions of SQL Server 2005

• Administrator’s Duties

• Installing SQL Server

• A Simplified Installation Process

• Create Database Objects with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

• Create Views and Constraints

• User Management

• Security Modes

• Creating Database User Accounts

• Granting, Revoking, and Denying Permissions

• Query Analyzer

• Importing and Exporting Your Data

• Database Backups and Restorations

• SQL Database Backup Modes

By kindr ( December 5, 2017 )

I am learning a lot from this SQL Server 2005 Course. It has helped me in reefing my knowledge and skills in the SQL Server 2005 . The handling of issues has become a lot easier with the relevant information provided. The SQL Server 2005 Course has touched all the aspects of the MS SQL.

By Jeff (London) ( March 15, 2017 )

Earlier I had a lot of queries about data handling, but with taking up this SQL Server 2005 course not only I am able to solve the queries but it has also widened the area of my work.

By Tezop kiran ( May 8, 2016 )

The clear and precise information of the topic has made my work more professional and error free. I am so happy to invest my time and money in such a learning friendly SQL Server 2005 Course.

By Jefy Outley ( November 18, 2017 )

I highly recommend this SQL Server 2005 course if you want to simply refine your skills in a very easy and legit manner. The improvements in my knowledge never go unnoticed. A big thank you!

By Freida toor( November 10, 2017 )

Adapting to the server changes was a challenge since there was no proper training and everything seem messed up at a point. After enrolling for this SQL Server 2005 course, I was opened up to the detailed information and steps to tackle up with the changes.