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Course : Learning Object Oriented Programming In Csharp 5.0 Course

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C# 4.0 Skills Course have been developed in order to understand the dynamic features of the C# language. It is a diverse language that helps in developing and programming. Taking up this course the learners will know about the various aspects such as:

1. How does C# language work?
2. Its new features, named and optional parameters, dynamic support, variance and COM interlope.
3. Its basic techniques of programming
4. Programming C# Applications (Web Forms Fundamentals , Web Forms Events , Web Forms Life Cycle, Creating a Web Application , Code-Behind Files , Adding Controls , Server Controls , Data Binding , Examining the Code , Adding Controls and Events)

• Why C#? Why .NET?
• The .NET Framework Class Library
• Basic Programming Techniques
• Namespaces and Types
• Expressions and Statements
• Flow Control with Selection Statements
• Abstracting Ideas with Classes and Structs
• Extensibility and Polymorphism
• Extensibility with Delegates
• Dealing with Errors
• Arrays and Lists
• Collection Classes
• Strings and LINQS
• Files and Streams
• Databases (LINQ and Databases, WCF Data Services, Non-Microsoft Data Access Technologies)
• Networking ( Web Application with Client-Side Code, .NET Client and .NET Server , .NET Client and External Party Web Service , External Client and .NET Web Service )
• Threads and Asynchronous Code
• Assemblies
• Attributes and Reflection
• Importing ActiveX Controls
• Importing a Control in .NET
• WPF and Silverlight
• Windows Forms (Creating the Application , Adding a Binding Source , Controls , Docking and Anchoring , Data Binding , Event Handling )

C# 5.0 is a very extensive subject to touch. The C level computer language is an ancient yet developing language to talk about. Comparing to the previous versions of C#, C# 5.0 has evolved as a revolutionarily system in programming.

The outcomes of enrolling in this course are as follows: 1. The test taker will know about the dynamic coding and programming environment.
2. List of types, arrays, and namespaces of C #.
3. How to create a web application.
4. LINQ and XML
5. Polymorphisms
6. Strings and lists
7. Data binding
8. Server controls
9. Error handling
10. Adding and deleting controls
11. Knowing about various attributes
12. Event handling

By Chris Brown ( October 25, 2018 )

C- Stands for cool. It has developed in a way that not only develops objects but also the productivity of the coder. The course is well focused. Thank you for not letting me regret the money and time that I have put in.

By Rachel ( March 1, 2018 )

Coding has become fun with the features of C# 5.0. Errors have reduced to a great level with the user friendly approach. Each of the topic is well defined and has touched all the aspects. This is a great course, I totally agree with the reviews.

By Samuel Green ( November 19, 2013 )

I am completely satisfied with the improvements and knowledge that I gained through this course. It’s a value for money course. Beginner or an expert, this course helps the both.

By Mary ( November 8, 2013 )

Being a C language developer for quite a long, I was looking for something new to learn. This course has provided a fresh outlook towards the programming in C and its other variants. On point Course!

By Laith Tee ( November 8, 2013 )

Each level of this course is well balanced. It goes with the very basic information and error handling to the expert level of applications such as server controls, data binding, XML strings and so on.

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