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Course : LISP Concepts

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After FORTRAN, LISP is the second oldest programming language. Since 1958, this high-level programming language has gone through change and many dialects have been added and deleted. The best known dialects today are Common LISP and Scheme. It was developed by John McCarthy. The features of this LISP course are:

> History and development stages of LISP.
> How artificial intelligence and LISP are connected?
> Versions of LISP programming Language.
> Basics of LISP

  • The Extensible Language
  • Functions
  • Functional Programming
  • Utility Functions
  • Returning Functions
  • Functions as Representation
  • Macros
  • Variable Capture
  • Other Macro Pitfalls
  • Classic Macros
  • Generalized Variables
  • Computation at Compile-Time
  • Anaphoric Macros
  • Macros Returning Functions
  • Macro-Defining Macros
  • Read-Macros
  • Destructuring
  • A Query Compiler
  • Continuations
  • Multiple Processes
  • Nondeterminism
  • Prolog
  • Object-Oriented Lisp

LISP was the first programming language to present the program code in a standard data structure. LISP functions can be altered and created which turns out to be the biggest advantage of working with LISP. The learning outcomes of this course are:

> Knowledge about how LISP pioneered many ideas in computer science: automatic storage management, tree data structures and dynamic typing.
> Several editions of LISP: LISP 1, LISP 1.5, INTERLISP, MACLISP, XLISP and ZETALISP.
> Concept of ‘Automatic Garbage Collection’.
> The syntaxes, operators and semantics used in programming.
> Self evaluating forms and forming
> Structure of program code.
> Control structure of LISP.
> Know about the object system- CLOS, ObjectLisp, LOOPS and flavors.

By Martin Parker

This LISP course has made a nice attempt to explain about the new versions of LISP. The examples are in sync with the topics and easy to understand.

By Alex White

I am a long time programmer with LISP; this course is a fresh outlook. The finest feature of this course is its understandability level of the language. I am happy to enroll myself in this productive course.

By Gene Enough

This course on LISP programming is clear, compact and condensed and caters to exactly one wants to learn. In the beginning the course talks explicitly about the basics and go on with explaining the complex parts of programming.

By Blake Live

This course is literally the holy grail of programming world. It never assumes to give you stupid answers. It manages to covey you the procedures very precisely. I am marking this course a five on five.

By Chappell Tim

Programming in LISP requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Being a fresher with it I was really messed up and it was difficult to understand the concepts. This course has indeed helped learning about the language to a great extent.

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