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Course : Javascript Fundamentals

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JavaScript programming language is a high level language that ids dynamic, functional and event driven. It was designed by Brenden Eich in 1995. The file name extensions for this language are .js and .mjs. It is influenced by Lua, Scheme hyper talk and Python. The fundamental features of this course are:

> History of JavaScript.
> Requirements of JavaScript to work
> How JavaScript was developed?
> How dynamic is JavaScript?

  • Working with JavaScript Strings
  • Using Regular Expressions
  • Dates, Time, and Timers
  • Working with Numbers and Math
  • Working with Arrays and Loops
  • Building Reusability with JavaScript Functions Handling Events
  • Form Elements and Validation
  • Debugging and Error Handling
  • Accessing Page Elements
  • Creating and Removing Elements and Attributes
  • Working with Web Page Spaces
  • Creating Interactive and Accessible Effects with JavaScript, CSS, and ARIA
  • Creating Media Rich and Interactive Applications
  • JavaScript Objects
  • JavaScript Libraries
  • Communication
  • Working with Structured Data

Following are the outcomes of this course are:

> Universal support of web browser to JavaScript
> Structured programming
> Typing and run-time evaluation in JavaScript.
> Array Comprehension and generator expressions.
> Use of JavaScript in Web pages
> Syntaxes used in JavaScript.
> JavaScript Engine
> Cross-site vulnerabilities of security of JavaScript.
> Error handling and coding errors.
> Different development tools of JavaScript.
> Related languages and technologies- JSON, jQuery and Crisp.

By Theresa Nick

JavaScript fundamentals are quite a thing to understand. The course has provided a good and strong foundation base for the understanding of concepts. The course is well executed.

By Blossom White

I am totally satisfied with the results this course has provided in terms of error handling mechanism and coding errors. It us an extensive course to learn from at the correct price. Thank you so much for not disappointing me.

By Davis Christ

This JavaScript course has satisfactorily covered all the significant areas which are necessary for a programmer to learn about. I rate this five on five. The major advantage of this course is that I can read through it anytime anywhere.

By Emma Walk

If you want to try something very fresh in the field of Go Programming, this course is the one. It has got a very new and detailed approach. Trust this course and you will able to learn about go programming.

By Ava Day

Enrolling in this course was a good decision. It has been precisely crafted for the beginners to clear out all the basics. Trust this course and you will able to learn all about JavaScript language.

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