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Course : Information Security

    Course Elements
Information security is also known as InfoSec, refers to the process of prevention of unauthorized access or disclosure of information over any electronic medium. The primary focus of InfoSec is to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the data that is stored or shared. The course primarily focuses on:

> Introduction to Information Security
> Malpractices that hinder Information security
> History and development stages of Information Security.
> Protection against risk
> Laws and regulations governing information security.

  • Information Security
  • Risk Analysis
  • Compliance with Standards, Regulations, and Laws
  • Secure Design Principles
  • Security Policies, Standards, Procedures, and Guidelines
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Securing Unstructured Data
  • Information Rights Management
  • Encryption
  • Storage Security
  • Database Security
  • Secure Network design

Information shared through different mediums is sensitive in nature sometimes. There are a lot of anti-information barriers that encircle the safe transmission of data. That is why, InfoSec was introduced. The course of Information Security gives you following outcomes:

> Why InfoSec is important?
> Basic principles of InfoSec-
> Confidentiality, integrity, availability and non-repudiation.
> Concept of Risk Management and its process.
> Measures for Information Security:
> Password, Swipe Card and Biometrics
> Rules, Laws and Regulations that govern Information Security.
> Standards of Security
> Process of InfoSec.

By Lynn Castle

Management of risk in security of information is important in order to provide the best. Being in data and security field, I found this course very helpful and well executed.

By Jamie Oliver

Learning about the rules and regulations of information security is very effective with this course. Thank you my dear friend for recommending me this course. It’s a big yes from my side.

By Maria Blink

Talking about the feature of this course, it is a comprehensive approach towards Information security. Not only is it easy but also well conceptualized. The examples given are apt to the topic.

By Hershey

This information Security course is enough to understand all the concepts of information security. I am happy to invest my money, hard work and time in such a fruitful course.

By Pascal

I tried this course on Information Security with a very doubtful mind. But this course has considerately catered to all of my needs and learning areas. The information can be implemented practically without any hassle.

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