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Haskell programming language first showed up in the year 1990. Operating systems of Haskell is cross-platform. The filename extensions used are .hs and .lhs. This language is influenced by Lisp, Miranda, Orwell and Scheme. Haskell’s main feature is the type classes that were introduced for the first time in any computer language. The main compiler of Haskell is the Glasgow Haskell Compiler. The course focuses on the following:

> Development and history of Haskell.
> Different versions of Haskell- 1.0 to 1.4, 98 and 2010.
> Understanding through code examples.
  • Getting Started
  • Types and Functions
  • Defining Types,Streamlining Functions
  • Functional Programming
  • Working with JSON Data
  • Using Typeclasses
  • I/O
  • Regular Expressions
  • FileSystem
  • Parsing a Binary Data Format
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Barcode Recognition
  • Data Structures
  • Error Handling

Haskell is purely a functional language which means that the functions do not show any side effects. This language has various implementations and applications to serve to the needs of the programmer. The programmer through this course will learn about:

> Haskell’s Web framework: Yesod, Snap, Miso and Happstack.
> Related languages: Curry, JasKell, Agda and Omega.
> Haskell Concepts and Industry.
> Compilers used in Haskell.
> Feature of Haskell versions: 1.0 to 1.4, 98 and 2010.
> Features such as: lazy evaluation, pattern matching, list comprehension, type classes and polymorphism.

By Kylie Pink

Haskell course has satisfactorily catered to all my queries and questions. Talking about its features, it is very simple an intelligible. This course has increased my work productivity to a great extent.

By Lila Tarum

Being a programmer for more than a decade, I have explored many resources to know more about Haskell. This course had made a god enough attempt t o explains the concepts of Haskell.

By Zian Greg

If you are working or learning about Haskell, this course is highly recommended to polish your skills. It has taught well about the art of programming and various versions of Haskell.

By Nathan

This course has nicely toughed about the origin and history of Haskell. Programming in Haskell has gone easy with this course. It is very resourceful, accurate and complete.

By Mia Dave

The concepts of Haskell are very well explained in this course. It is for both the beginners and experts. The level and quality of information is good. The code examples are executed very nicely.

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