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Course : HTML5 and CSS3.0

    Course Elements

HTML5 is the latest evolution of the markup language used in structuring and presenting content on the World Wide Web. CSS that stands for Cascading Style Sheet is a language that is split into modules. The course talks about:

> Beginners introduction to HTML5 and CSS3.0
> Advanced features of HTML5 and CSS3.0
> Process of building website with HTML5 and CSS3.0

  • Getting started with Visual Studio 2012 and Blend for Visual Studio 2012
  • Getting started with HTML5
  • Getting started with JavaScript
  • Getting started with CSS3
  • More HTML5
  • Essential JavaScript and jQuery
  • Working with forms
  • Websites and services
  • Asynchronous operations
  • WebSocket communications
  • HTML5 supports multimedia
  • Drawing with HTML5
  • Drag and drop
  • Making your HTML location-aware
  • Local data with web storage
  • Offline web applications

The elements of HTML5 and CSS3.0 are allowing developers to go an extra mile and deliver a superior web experience. The learning outcomes of this course are:

> History, development and architecture of HTML5 and CSS3.0.
> Relationship and working of HTML5 and CSS3.0.
> Points of difference between HTML5 and CSS3.0.
> Understanding through illustrated examples.
> Techniques used in HTML5 and CSS3.0.
> Building your website with HTML5 and CSS3.0

By Jade Wills

I am beginner with HTML5, the plus point of this course is that it is not too long to consider and the information is very precise and crisp. It is a value for money and time too.

By Elliot Brown

I have been working with HTML5 and CSS3.0 since a long time now. The examples given and their explanations are worth applicable. A lot of new features are well explained in this course.

By Hannah Jack

I am a professional programmer with HTML5 and CSS3.0. The basics of HTML5 and CSS3.0 are very well elaborated and I consider this course to be perfect for every beginner in these two aspects.

By Natalia Von

This course provides all the information that I require to work with HTML5 and CSS3.0. It’s an all in all courses that gives you the best knowledge and practical examples to apply.

By Tia Bath

I never knew understanding HTML5 and CSS3.0 could be this easy and fun. This course is highly recommended who want to clear and understand the basics. It has also helped me in handling the errors effectively.

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