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Course : Graph Theory

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Graph theory and its history dates back to the year 1735. In computer science, graph theory is implemented in areas such as data mining, clustering, capturing, networking and so on. The major role of graph theory in computer applications is the development of graph algorithms. This course features about the following:

• Applications of Graph theory.
• History and evolution of Graph Theory.
• Disciplines of Graph Theory.
• Concepts of Graph Theory.

  • Matroids

In computer world, graphs are basically used to represent networks of communication, data organization and flow of computation. The learning outcomes of this course are:

> Representation of information over different mediums- link structure of a website.
> Transformations of graphs by graph rewrite systems.
> Problem solving through graphs
> Application and implementation of graph theory
> Techniques and versions of graph theory
> Error handling and coding in graphs.
> Types of graphs- median graph, Voronol and Bipartite Graph

By Linn Mathews

Finding information on Graph Theory over the internet is quite difficult. I am finally able to understand the concepts with this extensive course. It is completely a worth.

By Southee

This course has provided a strong foundation for learning and working of graphs in computer science. All the concepts are well explained and very easy to understand.

By Andrew Clarke

The difficulties I had in understanding the various applications of graph theory are very intelligently handled through this course. It’s quite a dedicated course to put your hard work and concentration in.

By Ricky Brown

The course lacks a little with the quality of information. But, overall it has provided me a good insight about the working architecture and application of Graph theory. I am satisfied with the course.

By Ana Nicks

This course is time saving because no irrelevant information is provided. It is created in a systematic manner to get the knowledge the right way. I am highly satisfied with the results this course has provided me.

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