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Course : Foundations Of Ajax

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Ajax development techniques first showed up in the year 2005. Since then in 13 years it has gone under the knife quite times in order to fit in the requirements of the users. The file name extension used for Ajax is .js. The course broadly talks about the following:

> History and Development stages of Ajax.
> Working environment and Structure of Ajax.
> Ajax technologies and Terminologies.

  • Introducing Ajax
  • Using the XMLHttpRequest Object
  • Communicating with the Server: Sending Requests and Processing Responses
  • Implementing Basic Ajax Techniques
  • Building the Ultimate Ajax Developer’s Toolbox
  • Testing JavaScript with JsUnit
  • Exploring JavaScript Debugging Tools and Techniques

Learning appropriately about Ajax is sometimes a hard nut to crack, especially for a beginner. This course is a designed as a complete guide on the foundations of working with Ajax. A course taker through this course will be able to learn about:

> History, development and working of Ajax as a whole.
> How is Ajax different from other technologies available?
> Ajax model of a web application
> Drawbacks and advantages of Ajax
> Illustrating examples on Ajax.

By Kaira Halls

Ajax has been a long time work for me to deal with. This foundation of Ajax course is a comprehensive approach with practical outlook to learn about Ajax in no time.

By Grande Paul

I was introduced to this course by my friend and I am so happy she did so. The concepts of this course are clear and precise in a manner that they easy to implement and understand.

By Fanny Jack

I have been working with Ajax for quite a long now. Finding something this accurate on Ajax on the web portal is a lottery for me. I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to excel in this area.

By Julia Kim

The model of Ajax working has been aptly explained in this course with practical examples to apply. The basic foundation of this course is very strong and the quality of information is superior too.

By Roger Lander

This Ajax course has satisfactorily covered all the significant areas which are necessary for a programmer to learn about. I rate this five on five. The major advantage of this course is that I can read through it anytime anywhere.