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Course : Fortran Programming Concepts

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FORTRAN is a programming language that was developed by John Backus. It dates back to almost six decades from today, i.e. 1957. It is a celebrated language for high-performance computing results. It has got various versions time to time to keep the programmers updated. The course fives knowledge about the following:

> The various versions of FORTRAN that are developed till date.
> What are the distinctive features of FORTRAN as compared to other languages?
> What are the inbuilt patterns of working?
> What are the controls conditions governing FORTRAN programming?

  • Introduction to computing
  • Introduction to problem solving
  • Introduction to programming languages
  • Introduction to the use of a computer system
  • Introduction to programming
  • Arithmetic
  • Arrays and DO loops (1)
  • Arrays and DO loops (2)
  • Output; an introduction
  • Output; an extension
  • Reading in data
  • Making decisions (1)
  • Functions
  • Making decisions (2)
  • Error detection and correction
  • Complex, double precision and logical
  • Characters
  • Subroutines
  • Files
  • Common and data statements
  • Optimisation
  • Problem solving revisited
  • Operating systems
  • Tools in programming

As a computer language, FORTRAN is wide and complex topic to talk about. It has got a treasure of never ending features that can only be understood one by one. The results of enrolling into this course will be:

> Learning about basic components of the language- the character set, which includes- letters, numerals, under score and special characters.
> Intrinsic data types- Integer, Real, Complex, Logical and Character.
> What are arrays, data initialization and statements of FORTRAN?
> What are the various arguments used in FORTRAN programming?
> What are the various versions of FORTRAN?
> How FORTRAN language works on external files?
> How FORTRAN helps in numeric and logical expressions?

By Peter

This course precisely talks about each and every aspect of FORTRAN in detail. From its traditional approaches to the modern ones, all are in sync. Good quality of information is being used.

By Hannah Mills

Enrolling in this course was a good decision. It has been precisely crafted for the beginners to clear out all the basics. Trust this course and you will able to learn all about FORTRAN language.

By Rose Jack

I tried this go course with a very skeptical mind. But surprisingly, it has considerately catered to all my doubts and confusions. This course has good example codes to learn in detail.

By Hannah Mills

If you want to try something very fresh in the field of FORTRAN, this course is the one. It has got a very new and detailed approach. Trust this course and you will not regret your decision.

By Lara Stuart

It has satisfactorily covered all the significant areas which are necessary for a programmer to learn about. I rate this five on five. The major advantage of this course is that I can read through it anytime anywhere.