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Course : Delphi Concepts

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Delphi is a strongly typed high level programming language that was intended to be easier in use than Pascal. It supports rapid application development. It was designed by Embarcadero Technologies. There are various applications and software that can be developed through Delphi. This course is about:

> Delphi and its history.
> Development and popularity of Delphi in the recent era,
> Relevant Delphi Code Examples.
> Characteristic features of Delphi.

  • Introduction to Delphi
  • First Application
  • Exploring the IDE
  • Object Pascal Language
  • OOPS with Delphi
  • Making Real World Applications
  • Cross Platform DEVELOPMENT with FireMonkey
  • Accessing Data Using FireDAC
  • Adding
  • Commands
  • Responding to User Actions Running the Application

By Sarah Evans

This course of Delphi is very easy to understand and execute. The biggest advantage of this course is its readability. It starts with the basics and go on with the complex side. I highly recommend this course.

By LaBella

Being a fresher with Delphi, I was looking for something that could help me familiar with the concepts. It is an excellent course for the beginners the other side is quite complex to understand.

By Summer Green

The outcomes of this course are exactly what are written in the description. I am happy that I was not disappointed to invest my money over the internet learning. It is an excellent course.

By Kelly Robinson

This course has got a comprehensive coverage about the concepts of Delphi. The information provided is latest and precise to the topic. No irrelevant material is written.

By Mitchell

I was introduced to this course by my friend. The best thing about this course is that it sticks to the topic. It saves a lot of time and I can read through it anytime and anywhere.