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Course : Database Theory and Systems

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Database theory is an extensive topic to talk about. It includes the topic related to database and database management systems. The focus of database theory is on the complexity level, query language and logic connection. The course talks about the following:

> Basic foundation of Database Theory
> Relational Database Management Systems
> Foundation of Query Languages
> Models of Database Theory

  • Databases and Database Users
  • Database System Concepts
  • Relational Data Model and Relational Database Constraints
  • Basic SQL
  • Complex Queries,Triggers and Views
  • Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus
  • Data Modelling using the ER Model.
  • Enhanced ER Model
  • Object and Object Relational Databases
  • XML
  • Web Database programming using PHP

Database in very basic words is termed as the software designed for management of data. It also helps you to perform several functions in order to your data up to date.

The learning outcomes of this course are:
• Basics and architecture of Databases.
• Advantage of DBMS Systems.
• Types of DBMS.
- Hierarchical Databases
- Relational Databases
- Object- oriented Databases
- Network Databases
• Applications and Implementations of DBMS.
• Theoretical Approach to DBMS.
• Practical Approach to DBMS

By Annie William

The Basics and architecture of Database systems and their working is significant for a DBA to know. This course explicitly explains about the concepts of Database theory and systems.

By George Smith

The practical approach to DBMS is finely explained in this course. I am a beginner, and was confused with the practical and errors while handling data. This course has helped in both the problems.

By Harry Toms

Talking about the positive side of this DBMS course, the language is clear, crisp and precise. Information is also accurate and complete. It is a complete guide on Database Theory and systems.

By Theresa Ricks

I highly recommend this course if you want to simply refine your skills on database theory and systems in a very easy and legit manner. The improvements in my knowledge never go unnoticed. A big thank you!

By Elena Parker

Being a professional in DBMS world for quite a long, adapting to the new versions again and again is never easy. This course has helped me adapt to the changes very easily.

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