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Course : C# Programming Concepts

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C# or in layman language it is pronounces as CSharp. It was developed around the 2000s by Microsoft. It is a multi- paradigm as well as generic programming language. It was a significant development in the C language line. This course about CSharp primarily focuses on the following parameters:

> Development stages of CSharp orC#
> History of C#.
> Different versions of C#
> ECMA goals for C#
> Relation of C# with HTML and other software’s.

  • Introducing C#
  • Basic Programming Techniques
  • Abstracting Ideas with Classes and Structs
  • Extensibility and Polymorphism
  • Composability and Extensibility with Delegates
  • Dealing with Errors
  • Arrays and Lists
  • LINQ
  • Collection Classes
  • Strings
  • Files and Streams
  • XML
  • Networking
  • Databases
  • Assemblies
  • Threads and Asynchronous Code
  • Attributes and Reflection
  • Dynamic
  • WPF and Silverlight
  • Programming ASP.NET Applications
  • Windows Forms

C# is now launched with enormous features. It has gained a momentum in the programming world in no time. People taking up this course will be able to work with:

> The syntax levels used in this language.
> The distinguishing features such as typing, portability and Meta programming.
> LINQ and functional programming.
> Various categories of data types and syntaxes.
> CLI- Common Language Interface.

By Jade

It is an amazing course to learn C# programming. Its examples and questions are on point. This course is a worth to learn about each and every aspect of C#.

By Johnson Evans

I have been into programming since last 5 years, while that doesn’t make me an expert. Do not hesitate to enroll for this course if you love C#. It is a basic yet an expertise course. This course changed my outlook towards C# programming.

By Jade

This course on CSharp programming is clear, compact and condensed and caters to exactly one wants to learn. In the beginning the course talks explicitly about the basics and go on with explaining the complex parts of programming.

By Johnson Evans

This course has good examples explaining about the programming and had little trouble reading through it and now I have cleared all my doubts

By Tom Woods

This course is literally the holy grail of programming world. It never assumes to give you stupid answers. It manages to covey you the procedures very precisely.