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Course : Cryptography, Cryptology, and Cryptanalysis

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The concepts of Cryptography, Cryptology and Cryptanalysis form a prominent space in the programming world. For a programmer to work effectively, knowing these three concepts are important

- Cryptography- Art of creating codes.
- Cryptology – Study of codes.
- Cryptanalysis – revealing the contents of coded messages, breaking codes.

The course features all about the basic information and working of the three concepts.

  • Modular Arithmetic, Groups, Finite Fields and Probability
  • Elliptic Curves
  • Historical Ciphers
  • The Enigma Machine
  • Information Theoretic Security
  • Historical Stream Ciphers
  • Modern Stream Ciphers
  • Block Ciphers
  • Symmetric Key Distribution
  • Hash Functions and Message Authentication Codes
  • Basic Public Key Encryption Algorithms
  • Primality Testing and Factoring
  • Discrete Logarithms
  • Key Exchange and Signature Schemes
  • Obtaining Authentic Public Keys
  • Definitions of Security

The course taker will learn about the following points by enrolling in this course:

• Evolution and history of the concepts of Cryptography, Cryptology and Cryptanalysis.
• Relationship between Cryptography, Cryptology and Cryptanalysis.
• How the three concepts help in the smooth understanding and execution of codes.
• Concepts of Nomenclatures and enciphers.
• How Cryptography, Cryptology and Cryptanalysis are helpful for Cyber security.
• Difference between the three concepts.
• Terminology of the three concepts.

By Zayn Sight

The concepts of Cryptography, Cryptology and Cryptanalysis have always been a confusing deal for me to handle. Now, I have finally found something that has helped me distinguish between the three concepts.

By Elle White

Cryptography, Cryptology and Cryptanalysis are basis of working with codes. All the three concepts are well elaborated in this course and I highly recommend this course to every beginner in this field.

By Daisy Teen

I am new with coding. The concepts of Cryptography, Cryptology and Cryptanalysis are significant for learning but are very extensive in working. The dynamism was difficult to handle. This course has nicely helped me to overcome all the problems.

By Drake Douglas

Cryptography, Cryptology and Cryptanalysis course has helped me in learning about the easy ways to handle the errors and keep data at the right place. The basics described under this course are a life saver. Many thanks!

By Samuel Zee

Data and information are the two pillars in any business through which people understand and their safety can only be insured with the concepts of Cryptography, Cryptology and Cryptanalysis. This course is a perfect choice for knowing about it.

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