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Course : Computer Networks

    Course Elements
Computer network is the network that allows sharing information and data from one computer to another. There are various types of computer networks such as:

• WLAN: Wireless Local Area Network
• LAN: Local Area Network
• WAN: Wide Area Network
• Small Network Area

Internet is the most popular and common type of computer network that allows sharing of data over the web.

Talking about this course, the course taker ill learn about the following:
• The seven layers of the OSI Model: it defines the networking framework.
• The course explains about data sharing over different mediums.
• What are the different types of networks and topologies that work in a network?

  • Introduction
  • Application Layer
  • Transport Layer
  • Network Layer
  • Datalink layer and the Local Area Networks

Computer networks are an extensive topic to talk about. It has various components which are easy and complex at the same time. It has various models, namely,

1. The OSI Model
2. The TCP/IP Model
Network and Networking has gained momentum in the recent era. Learning about networks is the basic outcome of this course. The other learning outcomes for course takers are:

• Learning about transmission of data over different networks.
• Learning about the different levels of the OSI Model,
-Lower Level Layers: with moving data around
-Upper Level Layers: containing application data
• Different types of topology such as star, ring, bus and mesh topology
• Learning about different types of networks such as WAN, WLAN, LAN etc.

By Smith Black

Being a computer science student, I found this course very helpful. It talks about all the phenomenon of computer networking. Thank you my dear friend for recommending this course.

By Jones Chang

I enrolled in this course a few days back to quickly learn about some computer network fundamentals. All the data and strategies are well in detail. It talks about each and every aspect of networking.

By Diego Sans

Plenty of my friends have pointed out the features of this course. That is why I opted for it, and I totally agree to their words. It describes the concepts in a clear and crisp manner. No bullshit written. I am very satisfied to invest my money and time into this.

By Marco Miller

This course has a detailed technical description about the seven layers of the OSI model and other models also. It is well described in easy language. It has helped me to increase my know how about the computer networking.

By Lauren Woods

This course has provided a thorough introduction about the different protocols that govern computer networks and the various layers involved in the different models.

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