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Course : Computer Graphics

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Computer graphics in layman language refers to the creation of pictures and films using computers. The phrase ‘Computer Graphics’ was coined in 1960’s by Verne Hudson. The three pillars of Computer Graphics are:

> Geometry, optics and physics.

This course talks about:
> Various technologies of computer graphics.
> Computer science and computer graphics- relation.
> Types of computer graphics.
> Evolution of computer graphics
> Image types and terminologies used in computer graphics.

  • Introduction
  • Two-Dimensional Graphics
  • OpenGL 1.1: Geometry
  • OpenGL 1.1: Light and Material
  • Three.js: A 3D Scene Graph API
  • Introduction to WebGL
  • 3D Graphics with WebGL
  • Beyond Realtime Graphics

Computer graphics is a widespread topic. Animation, movies and video games won’t have been possible without the concept of Computer Graphics. It is a way of advertising over the internet. This course has got the following learning outcomes

> Concepts of Computer Graphics: User Interface Design, Sprite Graphics, Vector Graphics, 3D modeling and shaders.
> Concepts of 2D and 3D computer graphics
> Implementations and applications of Computer Graphics.
> History of Computer Graphics- 1950’s to today.
> Concepts of pixel art, sprite graphics and vector graphics.
> Principles of Computer Graphics- Pixel, Primitives, Rendering and 3D modeling.

By Jason White

The basics of computer graphics are rightly explained in this course. It is an excellent for the beginners. Also, this course is not heavy on pockets. It’s a big yes for learning.

By Olive Cane

The principles of computer graphics have been explained in the course in a precise manner. It commences from the very basic concepts to the expert level concepts in an orderly way.

By Brutus Ink

I have been working in the field of computer graphics for over a decade now. This course has certainly provided me with a fresh outlook towards graphics and has helped me increase my knowhow about the new concepts.

By Freddie Williams

The difficulties I had in understanding the various applications of computer graphics are very intelligently handled through this course. It’s quite a dedicated course to put your hard work and concentration in.

By Neymar Might

This course is time saving because no irrelevant information is provided. It is created in a systematic manner to get the knowledge the right way. I am highly satisfied with the results this course has provided me.

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