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Course : C# Dot Net Web Developers Guide

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C# and .NET are a co-related phenomena and it has got a significant name in the web development area. .NET platform offers you new services than only providing a language platform. C# is a modern object oriented language .C# .NET Web Developers course features about the following:

• C# .NET- Introduction and basics
• Web Development with C# and .NET
• Building you first application with C# .NET.

  • Introducing the Microsoft .NET Platform
  • Introducing C# Programming
  • Visual Studio.NET IDE
  • Windows Forms
  • Network Programming:Using TCP and UDP Protocols
  • Remoting
  • Message Queuing Using MSMQ
  • Working with XML
  • Web Services
  • Building a Jokes Web Service

C# .NET Programming is an extensive approach in the web development field. The user interface has got better with this concept. The learning outcomes of this course are:

• C# Programming- Introduction and Framework
• .NET Platform- Introduction and Working
• Performance and Scalability in C# .NET Web Development
• Architecture and Structure of C# and .NET
• Properties and Principles of C# .NET
• TCP and UCP Protocols
• Understanding through illustrated examples

By Hannah James ( January 25, 2019 )

C# versions is loaded with a number of change and being new to this version I was very confused on from where to start. This course has provided me with the right path on understanding the concepts.

By Vienna Bora ( Febraury 2, 2019 )

The plus point of this course is that it has provided with the elaborated code examples which most of the online courses fail to provide. The language of this course is clear and easy to understand.

By Ethan Pine ( November 15, 2017 )

This course is undoubtedly a complete guide on the C#. For a beginner like me, concept are well in explanation and trouble-free to understand. It is an on the go course. Thank you!

By Samuel Cox ( July 28, 2018 )

This course undoubtedly fit to all of my needs. Finding something this informative over the internet is very difficult. This course has got a practical approach through relevant code examples.

By Liam Anne ( November 18, 2018 )

This course has got a strong information base that fails down all other tutorials and guide available over different platforms. This course in worth and I highly recommend this course to everyone who want to be a pioneer in this language.