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Course : Build Your Own Ajax Web Applications Course

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Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML that uses DOM, CSS and XML to create web applications. Ajax basically means the grouping of technologies that are used to create a dynamic and interactive web content. The course features about the following:

• Ajax- foundation and introduction

• Terminologies used in creating AJAX Web Content

• History and Development of AJAX

  • AJAX: the Overview
  • Basic XMLHttpRequest
  • The "A" in AJAX
  • AJAX and POST Requests
  • Broader AJAX with Edit-in-place
  • Web Services and Slide-and-hide
  • More Web Services and a Back Button
  • Encoding an Object with JSON
  • Google Web APIs
  • Sending the Request to Amazon Web Services
  • APIs and Protocols
  • Drag and Drop with AJAX Chess

In the recent era, Ajax has emerged as a great solution for many web development projects. It is safe and there is very less chance of misuse of data and information. The learning outcomes of this course are:

• Ajax Web Applications and working- Introduction
• System and architecture of Building Websites with Ajax
• Requirements and setting up of working environment for AJAX
• Website building Technologies used in Ajax- XML, CSS, JavaScript
• Basics of XMLHttpRequest
• AJAX Library and its functions
• Other relevant topics related to AJAX

By Norris Jacob ( November 25, 2018 )

Ajax web applications have always been a hard nut for me to crack. This course has provided me with a step by step guide in learning the concept. I am satisfied with the results this course has provided me.

By Patrick Neon ( April 25, 2018 )

I was introduced to this course by my friend and I am completely satisfied with his words on this course. The biggest plus point of this course is its practical approach rather than a theoretical one.

By Alexia Evans ( January 15, 2013 )

The requirements and working architecture of Building web applications with Ajax has been aptly detailed in this course. The concepts of this course can be practically implied in real working.

By Nathan Blues ( Febraury 28, 2013 )

I am a fresher in Web Applications with Ajax and was really confused with the topics. This course is a great handbook with all the relevant information provided in a structured manner.

By Amelia Jones ( May 18, 2013 )

The technologies and foundation of Ajax have been satisfactorily explained in this course. The language of this course is also clear and precise for understanding. I rate this course a five on five.