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Course : Automating Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services Course

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Azure Infrastructure Services basically mentions about the Microsoft Azure PowerShell Cmdlets. This concept started as two distinct projects with the purpose such as:

• Automate the creation and deployment of demos for evangelism efforts
• Serve as a source code samples
• This course features all the functioning, implementation, and significant areas of working of PowerShell and Infrastructure Services

Automating Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services focuses on the extensive learning of the concept through practical implementation. The fundamental guide to work with the infrastructure Service are mentioned and elaborated in this course.

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started with Azure PowerShell
  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Networking
  • Virtual Machine Storage
  • Virtual Networks
  • Advanced Virtual Machines

PowerShell is a powerful source of working in the Azure’s Infrastructure Services. The learning outcomes of this course for a course taker are:

• Automating Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services – foundation concepts
• Microsoft Azure PowerShell Cmdlets- Overview and Working
• Working architecture of Microsoft Azure PowerShell Cmdlets.
• Creating Virtual Machines and PowerShell
• Deployment methods in the cloud- With Automation and Without Automation
• Understanding through practical implementation

By Tiger Woods ( October 25, 2018 )

Azure Infrastructure Services have always been a hard nut for me to crack. This course has provided me with a great step by step handbook on the concepts in a detailed manner. Thank you my friend for recommending me this course.

By James Land ( March 1, 2018 )

The biggest advantage of this course is that I can read through it anywhere and anytime. Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services concepts and working have been aptly explained in this course.

By Barney Wills( November 19, 2013 )

Working architecture of Microsoft Azure PowerShell is aptly discussed in this course with practical evaluation. My error rate while working with the concept has also decreased to a great level.

By John Smith ( November 8, 2013 )

When you are fresher in something you need a detailed outlook in everything. Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services course is a great handbook and a complete guide on the concepts.

By Alexia Hills ( November 8, 2013 )

This course has got a strong information base that fails down all other tutorials and guide available over different platforms. This course in worth and I highly recommend this course to everyone who want to be a pioneer in this field.

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