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Course : Android Programming Course

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Android is leading mobile operating software that was revolutionary development of how mobiles turned into smart phones. Android Programming has got numerous concepts and details which are necessary for every Android Programmer to know. This course feature about the following aspects:

• Android- Introduction and Development Stages
• Components and Concepts of Android Programming
• Implementations and Applications of Android

  • The First App
  • Improving our app and deploying again
  • Modifying the UI
  • Meet Java
  • Improving our app and deploying again
  • Modifying the UI
  • Meet Java
  • Exploring Android Studio
  • The Android Studio guided tour
  • Parts of the UI
  • Real-World Layouts
  • Building a real-world UI
  • Creating a tablet emulator
  • List-detail layout with ScrollView and LinearLayout
  • Designing a form with RelativeLayout
  • The Life and Times of an Android App
  • Exploring Android UI objects

Creating an Android Program has got various components that come together to drive an application. Android Programming may seem easy but isn’t. This course comes with the following learning outcomes:

• Android Programming- Introduction and Process
• Android Versions and Components- SDK and NDK
• Building an application with Android Programming
• Android Studio and its Structure
• Designing and working with Android Programming
• Understanding with Practical Implementations
• Debugging and Error Handling in Android Programming

By Mary Jim ( October 25, 2018 )

I am so satisfied with the results this course has provided me. The error handling rate of working has gone down after enrolling in this course.

By Kim Lords ( March 1, 2018 )

Android and its techniques seemed quite difficult to me every time. This course is a complete handbook on the concepts with a practical approach.

By Mickey Bond( November 19, 2013 )

This course has undoubtedly helped me in a great manner in learning the basics and hence making my foundation strong in Android. The quality of the information is superior.

By Grace Allen ( November 8, 2013 )

The biggest plus point of this course is that it has got a practical approach on learning with adequate examples rather than a theoretical approach. Learning Android has gone easier with this course.

By Theo May ( November 8, 2013 )

I rate this course a three on five because of its simplicity in understanding and well planned execution.

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