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Course : Android Developer Tools

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Android comes with several developer tools for the development applications on various platforms. Android developer tools list consists of:

> Android Software Development Kit ( SDK)
> Android NDK- Native Development Kit
>Android Open Accessory Development Kit

This course broadly mentions about the above listed developer tools and other third-party tools used by Android.

  • Getting Started
  • Essential Tools
  • Configuring Devices and Emulators
  • Using Devices and Emulators
  • Developing with Eclipse
  • Developing with Androis Studio
  • Testing your Code
  • Simulating Events
  • Build Tools
  • Monitoring System Resources
  • Working with the User Interface
  • Using the Graphical Editor
  • Optimizing the User Interface

Android developer tools form a significant part of the development of applications and providing access to the user with superior interface. The learning outcomes of this course are:

> Android SDK-Development Tools Components: Debugger, Libraries, Sample Codes and Tutorials.
>Android SDK Platform Tools
- Android Debug Bridge (adb)
- Fastboot
> Android NDK Components and Clang compiler
>Third party Development Tools
-AIDE and Corona SDK.
-App Inventor for Android
-Delphi and Golang
-HyperNext Android Creator
-Visual Studio Emulator for Android

By Jane Keith

I am a student in developer tools. This course is highly recommended for every beginner like me. This course is a comprehensive approach on working with developer tools in a well elaborated manner.

By Noah Wills

The Android SDK and Android NDK models are explained perfectly in this course. Finding this precise on a practical topic is hard to find on the web. This course is amazing and not too much to learn.

By Tracy Ivan

Understanding Android Developer tools has always been a hard nut for me to crack. The approach of this course in explaining the concepts on Developer tool is satisfactory. Through this course I have learnt a lot.

By Alex Matthew

Being an android developer, Android Developer tools is a must. Being a fresher with the tools, I was really confused with everything. This course h provided me with a step by step guide on working with the tools.

By Markel Fair

This course on Android Developer tools is clear, compact and condensed and caters to exactly one wants to learn. In the beginning the course talks explicitly about the basics and go on with explaining the complex parts.

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