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Course : Android Application Development

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Android application development is broadly a mechanism or a process that facilitates the creation of applications for running in Android Systems. There are several languages that are used in application development. This course talks about:

> Android Application development- Process and architecture
> Development tools o android
> Why is Android Application Development Significant?

  • What is Android?
  • Obtaining the Required Tools
  • ActivitieS And intents
  • Getting to knoW the Android uSer inteface
  • Designing your user interface using views
  • Basic Views
  • Picker views
  • List Views
  • Displaying pictureS And menuS With vieWS
  • Using image Views to Display Pictures
  • Using Menus with Views
  • Data Persistence
  • Content Providers
  • Messaging and Networking
  • Location-based Services
  • Developing Android Services
  • Publishing Android ApplicAtionS

This Android Application development course is an extensive approach on how android applications are created and maintained regularly. The learning outcomes of this course for a course taker are:

> Working architecture and structure of android Application Development.
> Languages use in Android Application Development- Kotlin, Java and C++
> Cross Platform App Support.
> Official android development tools- Android SDK, Android NDK.
> External hardware Development
> Practical implementation of Android Application Development

By Fin Mac

Learning android application and its development was never interesting before enrolling in this course. My friend recommended me this course and I am so happy she did. Thank you!

By Iulia Black

This is a perfect course for every beginner in android application development field. The working architecture of Application development is explained in a precise manner. It is a very fruitful course.

By Opal Hyde

I enrolled in this course with a very skeptical mind. Now, I am happy and satisfied I did so. All the information on the concepts is very in detail and nicely explained with apt practical examples.

By Samantha Bay

This course is a beautiful combination between the theory and practical on Android application development. The language is clear, crisp and easy to understand. It is an on the go course.

By Wendy Law

The course lacks a little with the quality of information. But, overall it has provided me a good insight about the working architecture and structure of Android Application Development. I am satisfied with the course.

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