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Course : Android 5 Application Development

Price : 8.00 USD

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This Android 5 Application Development course builds upon the talents that you learned within the previous Introduction to humanoid five Programming course. you may find out how to use HTML5 in WebView, scan and write information, the way to access internet services the way to write a service and the way to become a broadcast receiver.

The Android 5 Application Development course is absolutely updated for humanoid five and uses the most recent development tools, as well as humanoid Studio and also the humanoid version of Eclipse. At the top of the Android 5 Application Development course you’ll have the talents to support, develop and rectify Advanced humanoid five applications.

  • The Nuts and Bolts of Android
  • Developing Spectacular Android Applications
  • Prepping Your Development Headquarters
  • Building and Publishing Your First Android Application
  • Your First Android Project
  • Designing the User Interface
  • Coding Your Application
  • Understanding Android Resources
  • Turning Your Application into a Home-Screen Widget
  • Publishing Your App to the Android Market
  • Creating a Feature-Rich Application
  • Designing the Task Reminder Application
  • Going a la Carte with Your Menu
  • Handling User Input
  • Getting Persistent with Data Storage
  • Reminding the User with AlarmManager
  • Updating the Android Status Bar
  • Working with Android’s Preference Framework

By Staward Varga ( December 12, 2017 )

I purchase this Android 5 Application Development Course with the intention of learning how to use the Android's GPS facility to send coordinates information to a remote server via a JSON object. I already had sufficient knowledge of HTTP responses and requests but I just needed to know how to do it in Android using Java. Even though the contents of this Android 5 Application Development Course describes that it covered Android GPS.and Java

By Ian Joseph (London) ( December 25, 2017 )

This Android 5 Course is like a tool to optimize your project, the writer have made a good job in Android 5 Programming . I was analyzing myself a little outdated and searching for a good introduction about new elements in Android 5, I am not a beginner in Android Development, but, I wasn't able to build good apps like I feel now, this Android 5 Application Development course gives me the confidence to start new projects, now Android is more beautiful , mature,, organized, and the author guides you from very beginning to end and marketing your project, I would recommend this book for everyone, even if you never programmed an Android app before.

By Thomas chechi ( November 8, 2013 )

Great Android 5 Course, at first i was a little confused with using the xml on the UI when the same can be done with just placing xml and widgets being updated automatically, but as i got going further i could not get away and found myself glued to this course ! building the new features for android 5 was a real enjoyment and gave me some great ideas and knowledge for future apps.