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Android 4.0 “Ice-cream Sandwich” was developed by Google and released on 19th October, 2011. It is the 9th version of Android. It was introduced with significant changes as compared to Android Gingerbread and Honeycomb. The course talks about:

> The various versions and development of android.
> Working architecture of Android 4.0.
> Why is Android 4.0 significant?

  • How to Get Started
  • Your First Android Project
  • Examining Your First Project
  • A Bit About Eclipse
  • Enhancing Your First Project
  • Rewriting Your First Project
  • Using XML-Based Layouts
  • Employing Basic Widgets
  • Working with Containers
  • The Input Method Framework
  • Using Selection Widgets
  • Getting Fancy with Lists
  • Still More Widgets and Containers
  • Embedding the WebKit Browser
  • Applying Menus
  • Showing Pop-Up Messages
  • Handling Activity Lifecycle Events
  • Handling Rotation
  • Data Stores, Network Services, and APIs

Android 4.0 was focused on simplifying and modernizing the overall android experience. It has received positive reviews by the critics. The learning outcomes of this course are:

> Basics of Android 4.0.
> Features of Android- Visual design, User Experience.
> Platforms of android 4.0- ADTS, AAC, HTTP Live Streaming
> Working Environment of Android 4.0
> Drawbacks and Advantages of Android 4.0
> Android 4.0 v/s other versions
> Practical evaluation

By Martha Fine

This Android 4.0 course is a comprehensive approach to learn everything about the concept. This course provides you with a great insight about the working architecture of Android 4.0.

By James Olive

The best thing about the course is its way of execution. Android 4.0 has been quite a complex deal to understand. But, this course explains all the concepts very systematically. It is a good option to learn.

By Dorothy Peter

The features and basics of Android 4.0have been discussed perfectly in this course. Also, it is a good deal to your pocket. For a student and part time worker like me this is an on the go course.

By Nick Williams

Being an Android programmer for more than a decade, I have explored many resources to know more about Android. This course had made a god enough attempt t o explains the concepts of Android 4.0.

By Berkeley

Talking about this course, I never thought Android concepts can be learnt this gracefully over the web. Being a professional programmer I am lacking time. The major advantage of this course is that I can learn through it whenever I like.

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