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Course : Android 4 Application Development

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Whether you’re associate old desktop or internet developer,mobile engineer or an entire programming novice, mechanical man represents associate exciting new options associated chance to put in writing innovative applications for an more and more wide selection of devices and mobile applications.

Android is associate ASCII text file software system stack that features the middleware,operating system and mobile applications, beside a group of API libraries for writing applications that may form the texture,look, and performance of the devices on that they run.

Stylish, tiny and versatile, fashionable mobile devices became powerful tools that incorporate touchscreens,media players, cameras, world Positioning System (GPS) receivers, and close to Field Communications (NFC) hardware.

As technology has evolved, mobile phones became concerning way more than merely creating outgoing and incoming calls. With the introduction of pills mechanical man has swollen on the far side its roots as a tablet software, providing a consis- tent platform for application development across associate more and more wide selection of hardware and software system applications.

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Creating Applications and Activities
  • Building User Interfaces
  • Intents and Broadcast Receivers
  • Using Internet Resources
  • Files, Saving State, and Preferences
  • Databases and Content Providers
  • Working in the Background
  • Expanding the User Experience
  • Advanced User Experience
  • Hardware Sensors
  • Maps, Geocoding, and Location-Based Services
  • Invading the Home Screen
  • Audio, Video, and Using the Camera
  • Bluetooth, NFC, Networks, and Wi-Fi
  • Telephony and SMS
  • Advanced Android Development
  • Monetizing, Promoting, and Distributing Applications

By Stacia Varga ( December 2, 2017 )

Extremely well written Course Except for the fact that this Course lacks an overview of Android 1.5, which I suspect will be in the next addition. Whenever I read a technical Course on a new language or new platform, there is one specific things I look for: Does the Course contain a short, clear introduction that gives a little bit of history on the subject matter.

By Ian Stirk (London) ( December 19, 2017 )

Beginnings are very important. A bad start can interupt you in your tracks and divert your attention elsewhere, perhaps never to return. However, a good beginning catches your interest, and encourages you to go further and deeper.

By Thomas chechi ( November 8, 2013 )

If you are new to Android or want to learn more than the basics, this is the Course.that is Highly recommended.