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Course : Algorithms and Data Structures

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When working with data, there are various components that make data handling and sorting easy. Data structures and algorithms are the necessary components in management of data. Programs = Algorithms + Data structures

The course is focused on the following:

> Meaning of data structures and algorithms.
> Difference and similarities of the two.
> Handling of program data and its errors.
> Maintenance and quality of data programs

  • Interfaces
  • Analysis of Algorithms
  • Array List
  • Linkedlist
  • Doubly-linked list
  • Tree traversal
  • Getting to Philosophy
  • Indexer
  • The MAP interface
  • Hashing
  • Hash Map
  • Tree Map
  • Binary Search tree
  • Persistence
  • Boolean Search
  • Sorting

Algorithm is termed as a procedure which defines the set of instructions to be executed in order to get the desired out. Whereas, data structure is the storage format which enables the organization and management of data for efficient access and modification. The learning outcomes of this course are:

> Basic relationship between data structures and algorithms.
> Algorithms + Data Structure = Programs – The concept.
> Syntaxes and coding used in Data Structure and Algorithms, Megasort and QuickSort.
> Searching and Sorting in Data Structures and Algorithms.
> Types of data structures- binary search tree, graph and tree traversal
> Types of Algorithms- Bellman Ford’s Algorithm, Prim’s Algorithm, Depth First Search and Breadth First Search.

By Andrea Pullman

The basics of Data Structures and Algorithms have been explained in a very systematic manner. The practical component can be easily implemented for better understanding of the topic.

By Keith White

The course serves satisfactorily to the queries that I had. All the concepts are very well explained with relevant code examples. The information is useful and very easy to understand.

By Catherine Jack

The most I like about this course is its language simplicity which is clear, precise and crisp. This is an excellent course for the beginners to clear out their basics. It’s a great handbook to learn from.

By Harry David

Being a computer science student, I wanted something that was practical and not theoretical in nature. This course is a well conceptualized and serves as review notes for all he topics.

By Jennifer

This course is time saving because no irrelevant information is provided. It is created in a systematic manner to get the knowledge the right way. I am highly satisfied with the results this course has provided me.

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