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Course : Advanced PHP 5.5 and MySQL Course

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PHP could be a scripting language, and a strong tool for creating interactive dynamic web content and . PHP could be a widely-used, economical various to competitors. Before continued with this course. you must have basic understanding of web, Database, programming, and MySQL etc is incredibly useful. PHP code is also embedded into HTML code, or it may be utilized in combination with website management systems, varied net example systems and net frameworks.

The PHP language evolved while not a proper specification or commonplace till 2020, with the first implementation acting because the factual commonplace. Since 2020 work has been gone for produce a proper PHP specification

  • Introduction to MYSql PHP API
  • Static Web Applications
  • Dynamic web sites
  • CGI and PERL
  • Dynamic application without database
  • Polling with MySQL database
  • MySQL Improved Extension
  • MySQL Functions (PDO_MYSQL)
  • Original MySQL API (Predefined Constants and MySQL Functions)
  • Mysqlnd replication and load balancing plugin (Connection state and SQL Hints)
  • Connection pooling and switching
  • File processing
  • Functions in PHP
  • Error handling
  • Load balancing
  • Predefined Constants

By Sujit Kr.on ( 1 June 2017 )

It is a great course....I have read it and its very easy to understand.I don't understand why people have been so harsh in giving ratings

By Abhishek k.on ( 4 September 2018 )

This Course is dealing with basics concepts with lots of theroy ..good for beginers.in my opinion go for it

By Paul S. Chechi ( November 8, 2013 )

Nice Course must buy if you want to dive deep into php programming.

By Eric veston ( July 13, 2017 )

Happy with Services rendered. Aamazing Course