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Course : Adobe Flash 11 Stage 3D Game Programming

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Adobe’s Stage 3D is a set of 3D APIs that has brought 3D to the flash platform. For some programming experience with game programming, hardware accelerated graphics are used. The course features about the following:

• Getting Started with Stage 3D Game Programming
• Designing you games with 3D Game programming
• Features and functionalities of Adobe’s Stage 3D programming

This Course is aimed at complete beginners to Molehill, and is meant to be informal, semi-jovial, light-hearted, and fun to read.

  • Make a Game Using Molehill
  • Common 3D coding terms
  • Blueprint of a Molehill
  • Fire up the Engines
  • Basic Shaders
  • AGAL: Adobe Graphics Assembly Language
  • Building a 3D World
  • Textures: Making Things Look Pretty
  • Timers, Inputs, and Entities: Gameplay Goodness!

Since 3D game in flash is a new concept, each area has an in depth valuation of the knowledge. 3D games are filled with animation, special effects, sounds and tons of action. The learning outcomes of this course are:

• Animate complex 3D Scenes in Flash
• Adobe Graphics Assembly Language (AGAL) and ActionScript 3
• Molehill Graphics engine for hardware 3D acceleration
• special effects like explosions, magic and sparks
• illustrating examples for better understanding of the concepts

By Ben Lee ( July 25, 2018 )

3D game programming with flash is a new concept to me. This course has provided me with a step by step approach in learning the concepts. The errors I made while working with Flash are now reduced with this course.

By Dorothy Pewter ( May 1, 2018 )

Adobe Flash 3D Game Programming and their functions have been amazingly elaborated in this course. I am happy to invest my time, money and hard work into such superb course.

By Sarah Green( July 19, 2013 )

You cannot achieve all you are reading. I am happy with the code examples and their implementation this course has provided for a clear understanding. It has got a very structured approach for learning.

By Russell Wright ( June 8, 2013 )

My friend recommended me this course and I am so thankful to him in doing so. Adobe Flash 3D Game Programming is quite a confusing thing for me, this course explains all the topics well and without any confusion.

By Amelia Paul ( August 8, 2013 )

This course has got a strong information base that fails down all other tutorials and guide available over different platforms. This course in worth and I highly recommend this course to everyone who want to be a pioneer in this field.

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