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Course : Adobe Creative Cloud Design Tools

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Adobe Creative Cloud is a set of applications designed by Adobe systems that enables you to access the collection of software used for
- Graphic Design
- Video Editing
- Web Development and Photography
Adobe Creative Cloud was released on October 2011. This course broadly features about the applications, features, functioning and tools used in Creative Cloud for designing of applications.

With the Adobe Creative Cloud release, you’re introduced with the tools you need to be creative for online documents , printed documents (including e-books), and interactive applications. The diverse software in Adobe Creative Cloud enables you to create everything from a colored e-commerce website to a printed book. Combining all the applications, including Bridge, and you have a dynamic workflow that just can’t be matched.

  • Introducing Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Using Common Menus and Commands
  • Exploring Common Panels
  • Introducing Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Using Common Extensions and Filters
  • Importing and Exporting Files
  • Using Common Extensions and Filters
  • Using Color
  • Printing Documents
  • Getting Started with InDesign CC
  • Working with Text and Text Frames
  • Understanding Page Layout
  • Drawing in InDesign
  • Understanding color
  • Clipping Paths, Alignment, and Object Transformation
  • Exporting to PDF, Flash, and Printing
  • Creating Digital Documents Using HTML and EPUB

By Ronny Blue ( October 15, 2018 )

Learning the concepts of Adobe Creative Cloud is very interesting with this course. All the information is well elaborated and a practical approach on the topics have been opted

By Harris Dave ( March 12, 2018 )

The quality of information written in this course is satisfactory. I am satisfied with the results the course has provided. Adobe Creative Cloud tools and their working has been explained in this course.

By Rachel Cox( November 9, 2013 )

Talking about the advantages of Adobe Creative Cloud Tools course, it is an extensive approach on learning with all the concepts in sync with the level of necessity of learning. I rate this course a five on five.

By Gracie Link ( November 18, 2013 )

Adobe Creative Cloud tools and their functions have been amazingly elaborated in this course. I am happy to invest my time, money and hard work into such superb course.

By William Brown ( November 26, 2013 )

When you start learning over the web you are not always sure with your decision. Adobe Creative Cloud Tools Course is the best decision I have mad to learn over the web. It is undoubtedly the best course I have ever found over the web portal.